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This website is a resource for staff, students and faculty about events and activities that are relevant to our UCSC community, especially to “terms and conditions of employment” of academic senate faculty members, who are our bargaining unit. Here we provide space for comments (blog format) and welcome them from the entire UCSC community and visitors. We hope it will be a place to find out about events and locate documents and resources. Our main focus is UCSC and the Santa Cruz community because excellent system wide blogs and websites already exist.

Latest SCFA News and Issues:

Ever since the SCFA became aware that the University signed a contract with Coursera without including the SCFA in the discussion, we have had several meetings and exchanges with Labor Relations and EVC Allison Galloway. We are happy to report that LR agrees that the terms of the contract are bargainable! Over the summer, SCFA’s Online Education Committee has met several times. “Online Ed,” however, is not a single thing. Aside from Coursera, other companies exist (e.g., EdX, Udacity); and UC’s own initiative, UCOE, has a different agenda. These initiatives and enterprises are still in their formative periods. SCFA plans to help shape the conversation both informally and formally through LR. For our correspondence so far with LR, read more …….

CUCFA President Meister’s Open Letter to Coursera Founder Daphne Koller

“Because I share your vision of creating a world in which all have access to an excellent and empowering education, I would like to propose a new online course for you to make freely available through the Coursera platform. Its title is ‘The Implications of Coursera’s For-Profit Business Model for Global Public Education.’ The goal of the course will be for the students enrolled in it to understand the real relation between Coursera’s visionary mission—’to offer courses, in partnership with the worlds’ top universities, to everyone for free’—and the logic of the strategic business plan that led Coursera to be named ‘The Best Startup of 2012′ by TechCrunch last January.” [Read the rest...]

Faculty Association President Meister’s Op-ed on SB 520

After a decade of skyrocketing tuition, Sacramento politicians have seized on a new gimmick to avoid paying for the kind of low-cost, high quality college education California used to guarantee all its students. [Read the rest...]

Creative Responses to Crisis in Education:  An SCFA Small Grants Program

Fall, 2012 Award Recipients

This fall the Santa Cruz Faculty Association chose recipients from among a strong pool of applications for its second annual program of small grants—ranging from $1500 to $10,000—for projects led by Academic Senate faculty at UC Santa Cruz. The mission and purpose of these grants addresses a need seldom met in UC funding sources: to encourage a connection between university research and our increasingly crucial advocacy of the idea of the public university.  READ MORE: