SCFA’s Advice on Walkout the 24th

In This Issue A Profusion of Positions & Organizations SCFA Practical Advice on Students Faculty Who Attend Class are Not Scabs AAUP Supports UC Faculty Quick Links JOIN NOW SCFA/AAUP AAUP News On Privatization Keep California’s Promise CUCFA page Chris Newfield’s Blog Dear colleagues, We write this letter to you now to clarify SCFA’s position on the walkout of Sept 24 and to offer advice about how to handle it. SCFA’s position: Although SCFA supports the UPTE strike and other unions’ support of UPTE, SCFA is not sponsoring or promoting the walkout for faculty on Sept 24, the first day of class. The main reasons:  we are about to begin bargaining, and many faculty feel torn about whether to meet […]

Keep California’s Promise website launched is a new website provided as a service to the UC and CSU communities to provide information and organizing tools to understand and respond to the crisis in higher education in California.   We invite you to visit the site, use it, and let us know how we can support the efforts of everyone who is committed to restoring quality, access and accountability to California’s system of higher education. It is a project of the Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA), an independent organization that provides a voice for UC faculty independent of the University Administration. The Council works with comparable organizations at CSU and the community colleges, as well as policymakers, students, families, staff and their representatives. Check it […]

George Lakoff: “Privatization is The Issue”

Townsend Center Newsletter Point of View by George Lakoff: “Privatization is The Issue” The California Master Plan speaks of “state-supported higher education.” There is a good reason. Government has two moral missions: protection and empowerment for all its citizens. Protection goes beyond police and law enforcement to protections for consumers, workers, the environment, investors, retirees, and victims of disease, injury, and natural disasters. Empowerment includes public roads and buildings; adequate systems for communication, energy, and water; functioning banking and insurance systems; and of course, education. No one makes a living in this state without protection and empowerment . . . . Read more at

An Open Letter to UC Faculty From the AAUP

We support the faculty’s collective assertion of their central role in shaping the future of the University of California, and we support the calls for collective action (most recently of a walkout) by UC faculty members to publicly voice their concerns. The UC system’s historic strength was embedded in substantial public financial support and a strong faculty voice in governance. Both have deteriorated to unacceptable levels. The rejection of the faculty’s unanimous voice about implementing furloughs, through a vote of the Academic Council on July 29, 2009, is at best unwise and at worst dismissive of a cornerstone of the UC system’s strength, its faculty. The principles of the American Association of University Professors hold that the managerial assertion of […]