Forum for the Future: Democracy and Anti-Racism at the UC

The Santa Cruz Faculty Association is co-sponsoring this event, alongside several other organizations (AAPIP, AFSCME, APISA, Kresge College, MEChA, Merrill College, Oakes College, Pilipino Historical Dialogue, the Politics Department, Stevenson College, and University Council-AFT)

A Participatory Public Forum on the Future of Anti-Racism and Democracy at UCSC

Wednesday, May 12, 4-7 pm, Merrill Cultural Center

“What has your experience been like in in school and at work? How has privatization and racism affected you? What is your vision for UCSC? What recommendations do you have for UC’s Commission on the Future?”

“This event will mix performance, participation, and education to explore the links between privatization and racism in the University of California system. Through performance and collaboration, we hope to shape a new and hope-filled vision of an anti-racist and democratic university.”

“Another University Is Possible.”