An Online UC Degree: Panacea or Mirage?

By Kristie Boering, Wendy Brown, Kevis Goodman, Steven Goldsmith and Timothy Hampton And Garisson Sposito Daily Cal, June 28, 2010 On Jun. 14, the UC Commission on the Future met to discuss a proposal circulated by the UC President’s Office for an ambitious plan to market the University of California online. The proposal entertains the vision of an eventual online bachelor’s degree, by tapping new students all over the world from “Sheboygan and Shanghai.” In fact, the track record for online higher education is very uneven. It requires massive upfront investments and continual investments for upgrades. Given these high stakes and the financial pressures on the university in the current political climate, it is crucial for it to move prudently […]

AAUP Summer Institute!

The AAUP’s Summer Institute at San Diego State is July 29 through August 1st. For more info and a complete schedule you can go here: The Summer Institute consists of a number of workshops on various topics, such as “50 Years of the Master Plan for California Public Higher Education: Are We Keeping the Promise?”; “Organizing 101: Building a Strong Chapter”; “Professing Solidarity: Is There a Role for Faculty and the Graduate-Student Labor Movement?”; “African American Faculty and Academic Freedom in Higher Education”; “Crash Course in Analyzing your Institution’s Financial Health”; “Media Outreach: How to Get Noticed and What to do Once You Are,” and “Public Medical Schools, Corporate Model: How Can Faculty Fix What Ails Their Core Mission,” […]

UC Invests in Diploma Mills

“Billion Dollar Baby: the University of California Invests $53 Million in Two Diploma Mills Owned by a Regent.” by Peter Byrne,The Daily Planet, June 22, 2010 “Marketing strategy aside, [UC Regent] Blum has taken on two seemingly disparate roles — one as an advocate for a nonprofit university, and the other as an owner of two for-profit educational corporations. However, as a regent, Blum has taken actions that (intentionally or not) have enhanced the value of his vocational schools. Are his loyalties conflicted? — Full Article: A year ago, Richard C. Blum, then the chairman of the regents of the University of California, spoke at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference 2009, held at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. The […]

Report on the Gould Commission

In May, the Berkeley Faculty Association (BFA)  issued a report containing an important critique of: (1) the recommendations issued by the UC Commission on the Future (aka “Gould Commission”) and, (2) a proposal for an online campus at the UC offered by Dean Edley at UC Berkeley’s law school. As the BFA says, “As you will see, we find this picture to be a gravely troubling one. Both faculty governance and the standards and integrity of a UC education are at stake.” To read the report, click here: BFA Report on UCOF and the Cyber Campus Proposal Please share this with your colleagues. It’s critical that we pay attention to both of these issues.