AAUP Endorses October 7

October 7, 2010, has been designated a national day of action to defend public education and to protest its privatization. The AAUP supports these efforts. Privatization in higher education in recent decades has brought disproportionate increases in: * non-educational administrative expenditures; * tuition/fees, with related proportional declines in state support; * contingent faculty who are hired and fired at whim, with limited if any protections for being academically demanding (a few unhappy student “customers” can equal complaints and non-renewal), or for addressing controversial topics in their teaching and research (often on key public policy issues) in the full range of fields in academe, including science and engineering; & * many costly ventures that too often fail for they are undertaken […]

Call to Action October 7

October 7th Day of Action and October 30-31st Mobilizing Conference In Defense of Public Education and Public Services The historic actions, protests and strikes of last Fall and Spring showed our state and the nation that students, teachers, staff, and our communities are determined to fight against the cuts, layoffs, fee hikes, and the shrinking access to public education and services. However, our fight is far from over. On October 7th, supporters of public education plan to unite and demand accessible, affordable and quality education for all. Public higher-education is an engine of economic growth that benefits all communities at large, but students of color across the nation are being tracked into non-academic programs while ethnic and multi-cultural classes are […]

NYT: Yudof’s Housing Raises Ire

The New York Times University Head’s Housing Raises Ire By STEVE FAINARU Five minutes before midnight on June 30, movers hauled the last boxes from a spectacular rented home in the Oakland Hills. The tenant’s lease was about to expire, and in his haste to get out, he left behind thousands of dollars of damage to the hardwood floors and Venetian plastered walls. The tenant was Mark G. Yudof, president of the University of California. His midnight move was the latest chapter in a two-year housing drama that has cost the university more than $600,000 and has drawn senior U.C. officials into an increasingly time-consuming and acrimonious ordeal over the president’s private residence. The effort to resolve Mr. Yudof’s housing […]