CA-AAUP Annual Meeting 11/6

California-AAUP 2010 Annual Meeting
Saturday, November 6th, 9:45am-4:00pm
UC Berkeley Faculty Club

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This year’s annual membership and business meeting addresses the ongoing financial crises, privatization of public institutions, and misplaced administrative priorities.

Keynote address: “Can Higher Education be Financed by Increased Student Debt? A New View of the Present Crisis.” Robert Meister, UC Santa Cruz, President of the Council of University of California Faculty Associations.

Panel discussion: “Fighting Back, Fighting Together: AAUP Chapters Respond to Financial and Legal Threats.” This session includes representatives from each of the four sectors of higher education in California, and it is focused on building collaborative actions and coalitions across the sectors.

Workshop sessions:

• “The Garcetti Decision, Legal Threats to Academic Freedom and Shared Governance, and the Faculty Response;” Marty West, UC Davis, & Hank Reichman, Cal State East Bay

• “Chapter Creation & Development: Increasing Faculty Activism and Leadership Building;” Craig Flanery, AAUP Senior Program Officer

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