* UC Faculty Letter to President Yudof opposing decision to hire Bratton

The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) sent the following letter to President Yudof in response to his decision to hire the Kroll Security Group, and its Chairman William Bratton, to conduct an investigation of police violence at UC Davis. November 27, 2011 President Mark G. Yudof University of California 1111 Franklin St., 12th Floor Oakland, CA 94607 Fax: (510) 987-9086 Dear President Yudof, The Council of University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA) protests your decision to hire the Kroll Security Group, and its Chairman William Bratton, to conduct what you call an independent investigation of police violence at UC Davis. We take no position here on Mr. Bratton’s personal qualifications; our objection is to the conflicts of interest of […]

* UC faculty group decries Bill Bratton leading pepper spray probe

By Carla Rivera, Los Angeles TimesNovember 24, 2011   Members of a University of California faculty group on Wednesday voiced opposition to the hiring of former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton to lead an investigation into the pepper spraying of student protesters at UC Davis, arguing that his background made him an inappropriate choice.The professors also complained that faculty and students were not consulted, and asserted that UC President Mark G. Yudof’s involvement in selecting Bratton posed a conflict. “The office of the president should not be investigating itself in this matter, when one thing that needs to be investigated is what role the office had,” said UC Santa Cruz professor Robert Meister, president of the Council of […]

* AAUP Issues Statement in Support of Free Expression in the University of California

  For more information, please contact: Hank Reichman On November 20, 2011, the national Council of the AAUP passed the following resolution: Statement in Support of Free Expression in the University of California On November 9, police officers dispatched by the administration of the University of California, Berkeley, violently assaulted students and faculty who were peacefully protesting.  The assaults are clearly documented in video recordings circulating widely on the Internet. Some students and a faculty member were arrested and several faculty members were injured. One faculty member was thrown to the ground by her hair, even as, in the great American tradition of nonviolent  civil disobedience, she was extending her hands and crying “arrest me.”  It is sadly ironic that this […]

*UC Davis Chancellor Kotehi walk of shame to her car

UC Davis Students came to the consensus that they give Kotehi a silent walk of shame to her car. http://youtu.be/qLdfQxnuBtY

*Essay on responsibilities of tenure-track faculty to address adjunct issues

Submitted by Janet Casey on November 21, 2011 – 3:00am Virtually every professional organization committed to addressing the academy’s dependence on contingent academic labor presumes that tenure-line faculty must take an active role in this cause. As Steve Street wrote in 2008 in an essay on contingent faculty rights: “It’s you, the tenured and tenure track faculty, who can effect … change. Adjuncts need you to, just as you have needed and will continue to need us. We need not just your expressions of empathy but your help in bringing us in — your votes on budget issues that can get us equitable pay, benefits, and job security — because you … have the institutional power.” Unfortunately, most contingent faculty […]