*Letter written by UCD Students to the Faculty

This is an open letter that UCD students wrote to the faculty, asking for their continued support in this movement. They are asking for it to be forwarded and shared with all faculty.  


Dear Faculty,

It is undeniable that today we stand at a pivotal point in our history. Public education is in need of transformation, and our actions as students are at the forefront of initiating this movement. Indeed, student action has always been a catalyst for social change.


It is crucial to have the support of students and staff. Therefore, this document is a request for professors to work with students as they actively and effectively propel this movement. We hope to open lines of communication between students and faculty, to greater facilitate participation both inside and outside of the classroom. This movement is integral for our education and the education of future students.


We acknowledge the faculty support in this movement to improve our education. This is a formal request for continued faculty support that extends beyond the classroom.


As you may know, the recent UC Davis student, professor, and faculty activism is inspired by the proposal to raise UC tuition 81% by 2015.  We also act to express solidarity with the brutalized UC Berkeley students and faculty who were peacefully demonstrating as a response to said tuition hikes.


The events of this past week have proceeded as such:

We marched to and occupied Mrak Hall.

We rallied in San Francisco against tuition hikes, a statewide effort.

We set up tents and rallied on the quad.

We wrote a resolution that ASUCD passed which confirmed our student government’s support.
We peacefully demonstrated on the quad and were met with police brutality.

We peacefully assembled outside of Chancellor Katehi’s press conference.

We actively support those who were pepper sprayed, arrested, hospitalized and present at the rally.


Many students have been heavily involved in the movement, which considerably taxes students’ time.  Educators can support those who are highly involved in the protest by working with students to come up with alternative policies regarding deadlines and absences.  Educators can support those who are not as highly involved by encouraging student dialogue and informing students of upcoming actions.

One specific course of action that we would recommend would be bringing classes to the quad on Monday, November 21st beginning at 12:00 pm.  There will be a general assembly pivotal to the progression of the budding educational reform that has taken root at our university. 

We attend this university to grow as young adults and we do this not only in our lecture halls, but also amongst the university community as a whole.  As many of our professors have taught us, our education extends beyond lectures and assignments.  By writing this letter, it is our hope that the dialogue between faculty and students is strengthened so we can collaborate in solidarity.





Concerned UC Davis Students


Action Hotline: (530) 302-5223