*DFA Board Calls for Katehi’s Resignation

This is what some factions in the UC are calling for; what do we, as the SCFA, think?

The DFA Board calls for the immediate resignation of Chancellor Katehi. The Chancellor’s authorization of the use of police force to suppress the protests by students and community members speaking out on behalf of our university and public higher education generally represents a gross failure of leadership.

Given the recent use of excessive force by police against “occupy” protestors at UC Berkeley and elsewhere, the Chancellor must have anticipated that, by authorizing police action, she was effectively authorizing their use of excessive force against peaceful UCD student protestors. The Chancellor’s role is to enable open and free inquiry, not to suppress it.

We also call for a policy that will end the practice of forcibly removing non-violent student, faculty, staff, and community protestors by police on the UC Davis campus. The University of California should be taking a leadership role in encouraging the exercise of free speech, not in suppressing it.


One Response to “*DFA Board Calls for Katehi’s Resignation”

  1. Absolutely, well said.
    We need to get these people out who obviously don’t understand what freedom is and why it helps people learn, regardless of perceived threat to power or personally preferred modes of operation.