*Don’t let the 1% shut us out at UC and CSU

The corporate and financial elite that sit on the University of California Board of Regents just announced that they will close their doors to the public when they vote on new cuts to education in their 2012 budget request. The public can only “participate” through a sham teleconference. This comes on the heels of Chancellor Reed’s announcement that the California State University Board of Trustees will not engage in a public discussion or revote on the illegitimate tuition increase they passed last Wednesday. The leadership of both the UC and CSU systems refuse to face thousands of outraged students, faculty, and staff who demand they stop treating the 99% like an ATM. Click here to demand the UC Regents and […]

Letter from UC Academic Senates To Mark Yudof

Letter from the UC Senate (comprised of all all campus Senate chairs) in response  to the non-violent campus protest  that was met with violent policing. UC Senate Letter

Letter from the SCFA Board to Chancellor Blumenthal

The SCFA Board sent the following letter to Chancellor Blumenthal on November 20, 2011 as a reaction to the outrageous police action which has occurred on other UC campuses.  The SCFA is the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Council of UC Faculty Associations, which published (cucfa.org) the statement that we attached to our letter – and which is reproduced on this page below our letter.   Dear Chancellor Blumenthal Dear Provost EVC Galloway Dear Susan Gillman The Santa Cruz Faculty Association would like to bring to your attention the fact that the Council of University of California Faculty Associations, of which we are a member, is dismayed and alarmed at the police violence that has been used at several U.C. […]

*A Statement from the Davis Division Executive Council

Dear Colleagues, The Executive Council of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate issues the following statement: “The Executive Council, on behalf of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate, strongly supports the right of all campus citizens to assemble and protest peacefully. It is totally unacceptable to use excessive force against peaceful protesters. The UC Davis administration must assume full accountability for the actions taken on Friday, November 18, 2011.  We must assure a campus environment that welcomes diverse perspectives and fosters freedom of expression. We are in full support of an investigation into recent events and a public accounting of all findings.” The Executive Council also approved the formation of a Special Committee to investigate in a thorough […]

*Letter written by UCD Students to the Faculty

This is an open letter that UCD students wrote to the faculty, asking for their continued support in this movement. They are asking for it to be forwarded and shared with all faculty.     Dear Faculty, It is undeniable that today we stand at a pivotal point in our history. Public education is in need of transformation, and our actions as students are at the forefront of initiating this movement. Indeed, student action has always been a catalyst for social change.   It is crucial to have the support of students and staff. Therefore, this document is a request for professors to work with students as they actively and effectively propel this movement. We hope to open lines of […]