* NSP: Eroding the Salary Scales, Undermining Faculty Governance

By Joe Kiskis A previous post here provided a brief description of the proposed APM 668 Negotiated Salary Program (NSP) and comments from Professor Stan Glantz on the detrimental consequences of the similar Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP), long used in the UC health system enterprises. In this post, I offer comments directly related to language of the proposed NSP policy for the general campuses. The merit and promotion academic personnel system at the University of California is a great asset of the institution. It is a well-documented and carefully followed system that closely associates rank, step, and salary with accomplishment in teaching, scholarship, and service as evaluated by faculty peers. For many years, UC salary scales have lagged those […]

* We Can Restore California’s Higher Education…If the Leaders Lead

By Stanton Glantz cross-listed from KQED   Conventional wisdom says the UC and CSU funding crises are the inevitable result of recession-driven budget shortfalls, and the only solution is to soak students and their families. But it’s bunk. Shifting costs from the public to students is a deliberate act of public policy. Well before the recession, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the UC and CSU presidents signed the Higher Education Compact. UC and CSU accepted huge cuts in state support and agreed to rapid annual tuition increases in exchange for a broken promise of future financial support. And, though a Democrat, Jerry Brown is accelerating the transformation of higher education from a public good the people of California provide for the benefit […]


•Public education for all is one of the great contributions of America to modern life, and was fought for by brilliant educators from John Dewey to Clark Kerr. It has always had doubters and enemies; it is at risk and will not survive unless we defend it once again. •All of us must be able to defend public education to our colleagues, our students and the public. To do so, we must be able to articulate its basic purposes and priorities, as well as criticize the misunderstandings and mistakes of our administration, the Regents, and the dominant ideology. •Public education is an investment in the young by the general public and older generations. It rests on the belief that our […]

* Debt and Taxes: Can the Financial Industry Save Public Universities? Privatization Is Now the Problem—Not the Solution

This article by Bob Meister, examines the limitations of tuition (higher personal debt) as a mode of funding public university systems and, also, the widespread resistance to any tax increase by citizens with falling or stagnant income and growing burdens of debt.


The SCFA Board has agreed to support ReFund California, which is an effort to generate political support for tax reforms and other measures needed to increase state spending on education – K-12 and all three higher education systems.  It has the backing of many unions, especially teachers, and a variety of other groups.  We hope that you, as members of the SCFA will join the SCFA Board in supporting this cause, that we feel is so important to anyone who is apart of the education world in California.   Here are some relevant links to this and related matters: A link to their flyer announcing a statewide Day of Action on November 9, 2011 is included on the left of this note.  Below is the information concerning the event. […]