* Faculty Letter in Support of March 1 and 5, 2012 Protests

The past six months have brought increased awareness about growing inequalities and the capture of public resources by a small minority of private individuals and interests. Protests on our own campuses at the University of California have joined the global and national movements against these inequalities.
We call for the UC to re-affirm its commitment to serve the public good, to reset its priorities to put students first, to reverse the growth in administration and foster instruction and research, and, by taking all of these actions, to restore its role as the university of the people of California. We call on the State of California to fully fund the California Master Plan.

We are in solidarity with the non-violent protest called by the UCSC General Assembly starting March.

We will not penalize students who are engaged in this civic work. Many of us will join in the actions, and we encourage our fellow faculty to support the March 1st and 5th days of actions in whatever ways they can.

You may sign on to this statement by contacting Deborah Rosenberg at rosenberg@cucfa.org .