Creative responses to the crisis: Ways Ahead for the University, A small grant program for UCSC:

The SCFA awarded grants to three projects and has invited several more applicants to resubmit their applications. In the first round of grants, we encouraged applicants to incorporate the actions of the March 1 UCSC protests and the March 5 mobilization to Sacramento into their projects. SCFA focused on funding social practice art works that were compelling, smart, creative, and innovative. Drawing from the grant applications that were received, the grant committee felt these projects had the most potential to meet the SCFA’s goals for drawing attention to, and educating people about, the challenges our University faces.

Project 1 – Rebuilding the Public University,  Kyle McKinley, Madeline Lane and Nick Lally. A convivial and relaxed space was created on the site of the March 1, 2012 picket lines where dialog about the issues at hand flourished. Participants produced postcards about the possibilities of public education that were mailed to anyone of the participant’s choosing.

Project 2 – Giant Banana Slug Puppets, Noah Miska, Courtney Hanson, Cheyenne Epps, Iris Roselinsky, Adam Odess-Rubin Constructed and mobilized two sets of giant banana slug puppets that functioned to draw attention to and raise awareness about the CA education crisis. These puppets were present at the UC Santa Cruz action as well as during the Sacramento demonstrations in March.

Project 3 – TABLEAU MADNESS, Willie Sayso and Nicole Dunn This “found art” project was conceived as a massive sculptural tableau to aid in the student mobilization to both the March 1 strike and the March 5 Occupation of the Capital. Tableau Madness was installed at the base of campus on March 1. _________________________________