* UC Management Bloat – updated (January 2013), by Charles Schwartz

Charles Schwartz shows the continuing outsized growth of the management cadre (defined as the employees classified in Senior Management Group and Management & Senior Professionals): their numbers grew by 252% over the 21 year period while total employee numbers grew by a mere 51%. His last presentation of data on the bloated growth of management at the University of California, covered the span of 1991-2010. (Note: click on graph to view a larger version in a new)

* How much will it cost to restore public higher education in 2012-13 (updated with January 2013 state budget data)

Raising revenue has become such a taboo subject in California politics, but restoring quality public higher education in California can be done. For the median California tax return (individual or joint), restoring the entire system while rolling back student fees to what they were a decade ago would cost $48. next April 15. Read “Financial Options for Restoring Quality and Access to Public Higher Education in California: 2012-13” at the Keep California’s Promise website.

* Professors, not UC, own their lectures (2000 legislation co-sponsored by CUCFA/CFA)

In 2000 CUCFA and the CFA (the labor union representing the CSU faculty) successfully co-sponsored legislation that specifies that individual professors, not UC, own their lectures, which is very important now as UC tries to move lectures to the web. (CHAPTER 6.5. UNAUTHORIZED RECORDING, DISSEMINATION,  AND PUBLICATION OF ACADEMIC PRESENTATIONS FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES see: http://www.ucdfa.org/NashIP.pdf)

* Online Education in the Media – January 2013

January 2013 – There has been an explosion in the mainstream press already this year concerning online education. Here is a s synopsis of relevant links that represent just a few of the articles that have been published.

* Concerns re: open access to publications policy

Chris M. Kelty Chair, University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communications January 10, 2013 Dear Professor Kelty, We write to you on behalf of the Berkeley Faculty Association to express our concern that the proposed policy to expand open access to research publications fails to address many of the issues faced by faculty whose articles, books, and other publications include embedded copyrighted material. This problem was originally brought to your attention in a September 2012 letter signed by Margaretta M. Lovell and a number of other professors. We agree with the concerns expressed in this letter and want to be sure that the problem is resolved in an appropriate way. Certainly the ability to opt out of the open access […]