* An Open Letter of to the Chancellor and EVC commending them for their part in settling the UAW grievances

March 5, 2014

Dear Chancellor Blumenthal and EVC Galloway,

The SCFA would like to congratulate you and Labor Relations for settling the grievances made by the Graduate Students’ Union, the UAW. We were apprised of the issues by our Graduate Student colleagues and were following them closely.

The  SCFA supports fair contracts for all  UC unions, because the academic mission of the university depends on
all of our labor.

Given that teaching and research are at the core of what we do, the  SCFA is especially concerned about the conditions of work for our graduate students, who are our future colleagues and the future of the professoriate. If the terms and conditions of graduate students’  intellectual labor are undermined, this undermines the work of the faculty as well.

The SCFA Executive Board commends you  for your part in bringing about the settlement of these grievances.


The Executive Board of the SCFA,
on behalf of the members