* Petition to protect UC healthcare options

March 19, 2015 Dear UCSC Faculty member, As you are aware, recent changes in UC’s health care policies and benefits, and glitches in its contract with Blue Cross, have affected many of our faculty, instructors and staff.  SCFA has been paying close attention to this issue, and the Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) drafted a letter to President Napolitano, which you received yesterday, asking for clarification on proposed changes in the structure of and options for health care (these are described in the letter).  While we are not yet clear about how these would affect UCSC in particular, it does appear that the changes could further limit benefits and options available to UCSC employees. The SCFA board strongly supports […]

* At the heart, students are right

Santa Cruz Sentinel on March 7, 2015 by Christopher Connery, professor of world literature and cultural studies at UC Santa Cruz I was arrested for blocking traffic at the intersection of Highway 1 and 17. I was later tried and convicted, and spent a fairly miserable weekend in a jail cell on Front Street. It was May of 1972, in the wake of a criminal and war-mongering president’s decision to renew bombing of Hanoi, Our outrage was such that there could be no question of business as usual. We marched from campus to the intersection and blocked traffic for several hours until the police got the situation under control. I doubt it ever occurred to the administration to suspend me, […]

* Faculty Letter to Senate Executive Committee concerning the planned Silicon Valley campus

What follows is a letter from UCSC Senate faculty to the Senate Executive Committee on the topic of the administration’s plan to allocate 14 FTE to a Silicon Valley campus. If you would like to add your signature, please do so in the form that follows. We would like to send the letter to the Senate Executive Committee by March 13, 2015.

As your colleagues in the Academic Senate, we write to you of our concern regarding the administration’s stated intention to divert 14 FTE to a planned Silicon Valley campus which, we fear, will erode UCSC’s ability to fulfill its core mission and will have negative implications for both undergraduate and graduate education at UCSC.