* Summer Session Salaries.

See: SCFA Response – Summer Session Salaries 8-3-17

In December 2016, the university proposed a cap on Summer Session salaries for UCSC faculty, and a change in compensation for courses with fewer than 5 units. These changes were proposed to begin effective Summer 2017. We asked for and received considerable feedback from our membership about these proposed changes. In our discussions with the university, we persuaded the administration not to implement any changes for 2017 and we are in the process of bargaining with regard to future summer sessions.

Faculty reaction to the proposed changes was overwhelmingly negative with regard to the proposed salary cap, which would affect the salaries of a great many colleagues who normally teach in summer session.

The SCFA board generally feels that reduction in faculty salaries is not the appropriate measure for addressing budgetary shortfalls. As our negotiations progress, we are examining various aspects of the Summer Session budget in order to analyze the administration’s rationale in proposing these cuts and to determine how to best advocate for faculty interests and educational quality. We would like to continue to hear from colleagues who have concerns about this issue, and will strive to represent your interests.