* Update on Online Education

We concluded our bargaining with the university over revenues for online course offerings in December 2016.   Under the current agreement, 40% of any revenues above course development costs will go to the faculty developer, a figure double the university’s original position.  We will continue to closely monitor online course policy.  The significant elements of the agreement are the general principle that the faculty member retains authority over the course and the frequency of its offering, along with the 40% return to faculty course developer.  The SCFA also has the right to review the means by which costs for course development are calculated.  We will revisit the agreement after two years to gauge its effectiveness and to judge whether changes are needed.  With this in mind, please give us your feedback if you are involved in teaching on-line or if you have views on course compensation policy.

Highlights of the agreement can be found by clicking HERE  and the full text of the agreement can be found HERE

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