Membership, Leadership, and Dues

Any member of the Academic Senate may join the SCFA. We must negotiate on behalf of all members of the Senate, whether they are members of the SCFA or not, but only members have a say in the management and decision making of the Association. Our Executive Board of seven members is elected on a rotating basis from members in good standing and selects from among its own ranks the a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The members of the Executive Board serve without remuneration. The members of the Executive Board serve in staggered two-year terms, three of them elected one year, four the next. A Nominating Committee of members of the SCFA (not on the Executive Board) selects a slate of candidates each spring and an election notice is sent out. Any member wishing to stand for election to the board may make such wishes known to a board member–the Board seeks the regular renewal that comes from new participants. The Executive Board’s members engage in frequent consultation by telephone and email to take care of daily business, and they try to meet in person at least once a quarter.

Members’ dues support the SCFA’s advocacy work, as well as CUCFA’s lobbying and other activities. The SCFA maintains a reserve, derived entirely from the monthly dues of members, so that we may proceed against the university administration in court should the need arise. The Academic Senate, by contrast, has no independent funds to sustain such actions.