* UC Faculty Ask President Napolitano to Stop Deterioration of Health Care Insurance – January 15, 2015

Dear Colleagues, As most of you are doubtless aware, the recent breakdown in talks between Blue Shield and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (Sutter) could have enormous and negative consequences for UC employees, many of whom will lose coverage or be forced to change medical providers.  This impasse is only the latest in a series of changes to UC health insurance, and we are very concerned about the overall downward trend.  We believe it is important for UC faculty to register their concerns and so are sponsoring the following petition, urging President Napolitano to make improvements to health insurance a top administrative priority. We invite ALL UC faculty and staff – at ALL campuses to sign the petition, forward the […]

* Letter to UC regarding health care plan changes – 1/12/15

On January 12, 2015, The SCFA sent the following letter to UC President Janet Napolitano and also sent copies of the letter to half a dozen UC officers. Dwaine B. Duckett, UCOP Vice President of Human Resources responded with a letter dated January 22, 2015, available HERE. The UCSB Faculty Association also wrote to President Napolitano regarding the connection between the situations of UCSB, UCB, and UCSC in relation to Blue Shields / UC Care. You can read their letter HERE We also have linked HERE an email on failing UC Care medical plan, from former UCOP budget director Michael Rancer to UCOP’s Vice President of Human Resources Dwaine Duckett   ___________________________________________________________________________ President Janet Napolitano Office 12122 1111 Franklin Street […]

* Important Changes in UC Health Care 2014

Letter from the SCFA Board to alert you to changes in health insurance coverage by the University that will affect all members of the UCSC faculty and staff in 2014. We are deeply concerned that faculty and staff have been so poorly and so tardily informed about these changes in health insurance coverage that could have major implications for their healthcare. Furthermore, because we begin classes so late in September, many faculty members and staff may not yet be aware of what UCOP is doing. The task now is to ensure that all Santa Cruz faculty and staff members are alerted to these impending changes, and that Senate leaders are informed of the difficulties they may generate for those in the UCSC community.