* SCFA Annual Meeting and Brunch

SCFA Annual Meeting and Brunch Upcoming Events SCFA Brunch Greetings! We are writing to invite you to join other members and the Board for Brunch on Oct 7, 2012, at the home of Shelly Errington, 323 Rigg Street Santa Cruz. At the first annual SCFA Fall Party, we will socialize, eat brunch, discuss our ideas about the future, and become informed about issues. Here are a few of them: What’s happening at the systemwide level with CUCFA, and what are other FAs doing? (report from CUCFA) Followup from Sept 30 meeting of No.Cal. UC faculty, held at Berkeley (if you are an SCFA member, you got an invitation – contact Debi Rosenberg rosenberg@cucfa.orgif you want to go. Between 6-10 UCSC […]


A Small Grant Program for UCSC Senate Faculty        from the Santa Cruz Faculty Association The Santa Cruz Faculty Association announces a program of small grants—ranging from $1500 to $10,000—for projects led by Academic Senate faculty at UC Santa Cruz.  Applicants are encourged to join the SCFA, but non-SCFA members are eligible, and we will not consider membership as a factor in adjudication. Public universities have long been sources of strength for diverse intellectual, economic, and cultural dimensions of society. More recently, in the shadow of economic crises, public dialogue on the struggles of higher education is focused on tuition and the costs associated with serving a growing number of students. But universities are not mere service providers and students […]

* Irvine Faculty Association Statement in Support of BFA petition

“In support of the Berkeley Faculty Association, the Irvine Faculty Association calls upon UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau to request specifically that the Alameda County District Attorney’s office drop charges it has filed against at least 8 people (students, faculty, and a coordinator for BAMN) involved in a campus protest last November 9. As is well known, UCPD beat nonviolent protesters at that gathering. Chancellor Birgeneau’s recent statement (http://newscenter.berkeley.edu/2012/03/14/campus-administration-sends-message-to-da-about-november-protest-charges/) forwards the BFA’s petition in support of protesters and reminds the District Attorney, vaguely, to be mindful of the campus context, instead of stating his own view. It calls for consideration of the petition, rather than endorsing the petition. UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi took a stronger stand following the pepper-spraying […]

* Petitions to Stop the Alameda DA Indictments of Nov 9 Protestors

On March 1, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley sent criminal complaint and summons to eight (update: nine) participants in the protests on UC Berkeley’s campus on November 9th. For at least one of the eight, English Professor Celeste Langan, the charges were filed under California Penal Code Sections 148, covering Resisting, Delaying, or Obstructing a Police Officer. Another of the indicted, Zachary Habash, is also accused of battery of a police officer. Reclaim UC has more information. Those who have read a lot of LA noir, have read Langan’s account, and have seen video of the incident, including this clip of a police attack on the line of demonstrators, will appreciate the irony of the DA indicting Langan […]

* Faculty Letter in Support of March 1 and 5, 2012 Protests

The past six months have brought increased awareness about growing inequalities and the capture of public resources by a small minority of private individuals and interests. Protests on our own campuses at the University of California have joined the global and national movements against these inequalities. We call for the UC to re-affirm its commitment to serve the public good, to reset its priorities to put students first, to reverse the growth in administration and foster instruction and research, and, by taking all of these actions, to restore its role as the university of the people of California. We call on the State of California to fully fund the California Master Plan. We are in solidarity with the non-violent protest […]