* UCSC Signs Contract with Coursera

March 5, 2013 The SCFA learned last week that the University signed a contract with Coursera without including them in the discussion.  The SCFA, as the bargaining agent for UCSC faculty, should be consulted whenever there is the potential for a change in the relationship between the University and faculty,  that could therefore be subject to collective bargaining. The SCFA is not taking a position at this point on the desirability or undesirability of working with Coursera.  Their concern, at this stage, is the maximal protection of faculty rights and authority, whether faculty participate or not in Coursera-hosted on-line courses. A Request for Information has been made to the university. This issue touches on many curricular and academic issues including […]

* “Funding Higher Education: The Search for Possibilities” February 2013

The national Campaign for the Future of Higher Education is about to release their series of papers titled “Funding Higher Education: The Search for Possibilities.” The Council of UC Faculty Associations contributed one of the papers in the series. CUCFA Vice President Stanton Glantz, as principal author of that paper, will be participating in the news briefing on February 12. Please help spread the word to your local faculty and local media, or via your social media channels. Details are in the press release (pasted below): ——————————————————- Campaign for the Future of Higher Education For Release: February 6, 2013 Contact: Lisa Cohen, 310-395-2544 or Alice Sunshine, 510-384-1967 FUNDING HIGHER EDUCATION: THE SEARCH FOR POSSIBILITIES The Campaign for the Future of […]

* SCFA Small Grants Program Fall 2013 Award Recipients

Creative Responses to Crisis in Education: An SCFA Small Grants Program This fall the Santa Cruz Faculty Association chose recipients from among a strong pool of applications for its second annual program of small grants—ranging from $1500 to $10,000—for projects led by Academic Senate faculty at UC Santa Cruz. The mission and purpose of these grants addresses a need seldom met in UC funding sources: to encourage a connection between university research and our increasingly crucial advocacy of the idea of the public university. Public research institutions have long been sources of strength for diverse intellectual, economic, and cultural dimensions of society. More recently, in the shadow of economic crises, public dialogue on the struggles of higher education has been […]