* Faculty letter urging that charges against students be dropped 4-2-14

The following letter was sent to EVC Galloway and Chancellor Blumenthal today, April 2, 2014, on the first of the two day strike by UAW 2865. UAW members, including union leader Josh Brahinsky, were arrested on the picket line in Santa Cruz this morning. As many as twenty undergraduate supporters were arrested as well. The union called for a peaceful, legal strike in protest of management’s unlawful intimidation of student-workers.

* University of California must disclose more information about its investment

Interesting article that ties in with our concern that the Regents are top heavy in investment bankers which makes the possibility of deals such a problem. “An Alameda County Superior Court judge has ruled that the University of California must disclose how its investments in two of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms have performed.”

* Faculty Letter in Support of March 1 and 5, 2012 Protests

The past six months have brought increased awareness about growing inequalities and the capture of public resources by a small minority of private individuals and interests. Protests on our own campuses at the University of California have joined the global and national movements against these inequalities. We call for the UC to re-affirm its commitment to serve the public good, to reset its priorities to put students first, to reverse the growth in administration and foster instruction and research, and, by taking all of these actions, to restore its role as the university of the people of California. We call on the State of California to fully fund the California Master Plan. We are in solidarity with the non-violent protest […]


A democratic assembly of UC Santa Cruz students, workers and community members has decided on a strike to shut down the campus on Thursday, March 1. Save for emergency vehicles, residents of campus, and other necessary exceptions, we will block all traffic from entrance onto campus. We act because the UC Regents who control our university system are continuing to push drastic increases to the cost of higher education and decreases in the number of California students with access to the UC. On that same day, we will put forward a Tent University, an alternative vision of education to counter that advanced by the UC Regents and similar elites. The Tent University will be an open setting at the base […]

* UC Faculty Join “99 Mile March” to Sacramento*

Approximately two dozen UC Berkeley faculty will join the “99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice” on Friday, March 2nd.   The march departs Oakland on Thursday, March 1st, and will arrive in Sacramento on Monday March 5th for a rally on behalf of public education at the State Capitol Building. UC Berkeley faculty will join the march on Friday afternoon to walk the stretch from Richmond to Vallejo.   “We are marching to draw attention to the plight of public education in California and to implore Californians to re-invest in it,” said Berkeley Faculty Association Co-Chair and Professor of Political Science Wendy Brown.  “For all its resources, innovation and wealth,California has sunk to nearly the bottom of the nation in per […]