* Update on Online Education

We concluded our bargaining with the university over revenues for online course offerings in December 2016.   Under the current agreement, 40% of any revenues above course development costs will go to the faculty developer, a figure double the university’s original position.  We will continue to closely monitor online course policy.  The significant elements of the agreement are the general principle that the faculty member retains authority over the course and the frequency of its offering, along with the 40% return to faculty course developer.  The SCFA also has the right to review the means by which costs for course development are calculated.  We will revisit the agreement after two years to gauge its effectiveness and to judge whether changes are […]

* Final Coursera Agreements – End of Negotiations, for now

We are pleased to announce that, following two years of negotiations with the UCSC administration, we have reached an agreement regarding on-line course contracts, resulting in an Online Course Hosting and Services Agreement between Coursera and the University, and a Pilot UCSC Online Education Course Agreement for Coursera Courses to be used between the University and future Course Creators. These negotiations got off to a rocky start when the university signed a contract with Coursera without first consulting with the SCFA, but substantial progress was made subsequently and the bargaining committee of the SCFA wants to thank the administration for their good faith efforts in reaching a resolution on this matter. The agreements will be revisited at the end of […]

* SCFA response to the University re: Proposed Campus Online Education Contract

The SCFA Bargaining Committee prepared this letter in response to the University’s proposed Campus Online Education Contract.  The proposal can be found HERE.   Renee Mayne Director of Labor Relations, UCSC Thank you very much for the proposed ILTI agreement, which you sent on April 1, 2014. Our Bargaining Committee has some initial comments, which we hope you will take into account before   the next iteration of the proposed contract. I am also confirming, again, that at the moment we are exchanging views informally in hopes that the contract can be refined to everyone’s satisfaction. When, having received commentary from us and from the Senate, you are ready to propose another contract, we will want to bargain the contract in […]

* Campaign for the Future of Higher Education’s “Teaching Millions or Making Millions”

Sharp New  Video released by Campaign for the Future of Higher Education Questions False Promises of Online Education Industry.    “Online Ed: Teaching Millions or Making Millions?” at Online Ed: Teaching Millions or Making Millions?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vkKPt0Aacg The video, “Online Education: Teaching Millions or Making Millions?” is part of a national grassroots campaign to inform families, educators, higher education leaders, and policymakers about the very serious concerns of faculty members and educational staff who are on the front lines of higher education. The CFHE has challenged Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller, EdX President Anant Agarwal and Udacity CEO Sebastian Thrun to watch the video and participate in a public debate on the issues raised in the video. The video will be unveiled formally at […]

* SCFA letter to Labor Relations in response to the new Coursera contract 3-10-14

The SCFA wrote this response to the office of Labor Relations letter in which the University provides us with a revised Coursera contract. We were surprised by the language in this contract. We had hoped that the University’s new contract would address the issues that we have all raised. We were under the impression that there was some consensus between us about fundamental issues. The contract between UCSC and Coursera is not inappropriate. The issue is the contract that faculty are asked to sign with the University.