Creative responses to the crisis: Ways Ahead for the University, A small grant program for UCSC:

The SCFA awarded grants to three projects and has invited several more applicants to resubmit their applications. In the first round of grants, we encouraged applicants to incorporate the actions of the March 1 UCSC protests and the March 5 mobilization to Sacramento into their projects. SCFA focused on funding social practice art works that were compelling, smart, creative, and innovative. Drawing from the grant applications that were received, the grant committee felt these projects had the most potential to meet the SCFA’s goals for drawing attention to, and educating people about, the challenges our University faces. Project 1 – Rebuilding the Public University,  Kyle McKinley, Madeline Lane and Nick Lally. A convivial and relaxed space was created on the […]


A democratic assembly of UC Santa Cruz students, workers and community members has decided on a strike to shut down the campus on Thursday, March 1. Save for emergency vehicles, residents of campus, and other necessary exceptions, we will block all traffic from entrance onto campus. We act because the UC Regents who control our university system are continuing to push drastic increases to the cost of higher education and decreases in the number of California students with access to the UC. On that same day, we will put forward a Tent University, an alternative vision of education to counter that advanced by the UC Regents and similar elites. The Tent University will be an open setting at the base […]

* Creative responses to the crisis – SCFA Small Grant Program

Creative responses to the crisis:    Ways Ahead for the University, A small grant program for UCSC The Santa Cruz Faculty Association announces a program of small grants for projects – two at up to $2,500 and five at up to $1000 – for faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students. We encourage you to join the SCFA if you are an Academic Senate faculty member, but it is not a requirement. A university is an institution focused on learning and innovation. We want to direct some of that creativity toward rethinking university practice and publicizing issues related to such matters as the decline of state funding in the US and/or UC in particular; student debt; civil rights of students, faculty; […]