* UC Faculty Join “99 Mile March” to Sacramento*

Approximately two dozen UC Berkeley faculty will join the “99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice” on Friday, March 2nd.   The march departs Oakland on Thursday, March 1st, and will arrive in Sacramento on Monday March 5th for a rally on behalf of public education at the State Capitol Building. UC Berkeley faculty will join the march on Friday afternoon to walk the stretch from Richmond to Vallejo.   “We are marching to draw attention to the plight of public education in California and to implore Californians to re-invest in it,” said Berkeley Faculty Association Co-Chair and Professor of Political Science Wendy Brown.  “For all its resources, innovation and wealth,California has sunk to nearly the bottom of the nation in per […]

*Don’t let the 1% shut us out at UC and CSU

The corporate and financial elite that sit on the University of California Board of Regents just announced that they will close their doors to the public when they vote on new cuts to education in their 2012 budget request. The public can only “participate” through a sham teleconference. This comes on the heels of Chancellor Reed’s announcement that the California State University Board of Trustees will not engage in a public discussion or revote on the illegitimate tuition increase they passed last Wednesday. The leadership of both the UC and CSU systems refuse to face thousands of outraged students, faculty, and staff who demand they stop treating the 99% like an ATM. Click here to demand the UC Regents and […]


The SCFA Board has agreed to support ReFund California, which is an effort to generate political support for tax reforms and other measures needed to increase state spending on education – K-12 and all three higher education systems.  It has the backing of many unions, especially teachers, and a variety of other groups.  We hope that you, as members of the SCFA will join the SCFA Board in supporting this cause, that we feel is so important to anyone who is apart of the education world in California.   Here are some relevant links to this and related matters: A link to their flyer announcing a statewide Day of Action on November 9, 2011 is included on the left of this note.  Below is the information concerning the event. […]