* Report on the SCFA Budget Cut Impact Survey

Deeply concerned about the effects of UC-systemwide and campus budget cuts since 2008, in winter 2014, the Santa Cruz Faculty Association sponsored a program of Small Grants for Creative Response to the Crisis in Education. One of the awards was granted to conduct a Budget Cut Impact Survey to assess and evaluate the particular impacts of those cuts on faculty teaching and morale at UCSC. This report contains the results of that survey. These results seem particularly timely given current discussions about budget cuts we may be facing again in the near future, and the impacts those would likely have.

* SCFA 2013-14 Annual Report

The SCFA’s work in the past year has, as in recent years, been largely conditioned by the ongoing funding crisis in public education in California, and its ongoing consequences for faculty research, teaching, and welfare. Online education, which was once conceived as a potential fiscal fix, has been a primary focus. The SCFA is uniquely positioned in the system due to the extent of its bargaining rights and authority, and this means that what we accomplish in our contract negotiations will have system-wide significance in this domain. We have continued our work as liaison and information provider regarding system-wide issues such as health and retirement benefits, and have also worked with other unions on campus—particularly the UAW, representing graduate students—on […]