* At the heart, students are right

Santa Cruz Sentinel on March 7, 2015 by Christopher Connery, professor of world literature and cultural studies at UC Santa Cruz I was arrested for blocking traffic at the intersection of Highway 1 and 17. I was later tried and convicted, and spent a fairly miserable weekend in a jail cell on Front Street. It was May of 1972, in the wake of a criminal and war-mongering president’s decision to renew bombing of Hanoi, Our outrage was such that there could be no question of business as usual. We marched from campus to the intersection and blocked traffic for several hours until the police got the situation under control. I doubt it ever occurred to the administration to suspend me, […]

* CUCFA statement on UC’s planned tuition increases

Below please find a letter that The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA), the systemwide organization of which the UCSC Faculty Association is a member, sent today to President Napolitano and the UC Regents regarding their recent proposal to raise tuition up to 5% per year for the next five years. ___________________________ The Council of UC Faculty Associations holds Governor Jerry Brown’s slashing of public higher education responsible for UC President Napolitano’s recent proposal to budget for 5% tuition increases every year for the next 5 years. Raising tuition is not the solution. There is a better way: provide California students and their families high quality, affordable higher education, as defined by the California Master Plan for Higher Education. The […]

* Faculty letter urging that charges against students be dropped 4-2-14

The following letter was sent to EVC Galloway and Chancellor Blumenthal today, April 2, 2014, on the first of the two day strike by UAW 2865. UAW members, including union leader Josh Brahinsky, were arrested on the picket line in Santa Cruz this morning. As many as twenty undergraduate supporters were arrested as well. The union called for a peaceful, legal strike in protest of management’s unlawful intimidation of student-workers.

* What faculty can do to support the graduate student union strike on April 2-3, 2014

We encourage you to read the letter below from the graduate student union (UAW 2865) organizing committee, with details of the strike the union is planning for April 2 and 3. The letter includes suggestions about what faculty can do to support the strike. The Board of the Faculty Association supports our graduate students’ demands. We understand that an action of this kind during the first week of class is an inconvenience for faculty and for students, but feel that by supporting the graduate students at this time we can help them in their struggle for the fair and just working conditions that are the necessary conditions for our collective educational mission.

Creative responses to the crisis: Ways Ahead for the University, A small grant program for UCSC:

The SCFA awarded grants to three projects and has invited several more applicants to resubmit their applications. In the first round of grants, we encouraged applicants to incorporate the actions of the March 1 UCSC protests and the March 5 mobilization to Sacramento into their projects. SCFA focused on funding social practice art works that were compelling, smart, creative, and innovative. Drawing from the grant applications that were received, the grant committee felt these projects had the most potential to meet the SCFA’s goals for drawing attention to, and educating people about, the challenges our University faces. Project 1 – Rebuilding the Public University,  Kyle McKinley, Madeline Lane and Nick Lally. A convivial and relaxed space was created on the […]