* Summer Session Salaries.

In December 2016, the university proposed a cap on Summer Session salaries for UCSC faculty, and a change in compensation for courses with fewer than 5 units. These changes were proposed to begin effective Summer 2017. We asked for and received considerable feedback from our membership about these proposed changes. In our discussions with the university, we persuaded the administration not to implement any changes for 2017 and we are in the process of bargaining with regard to future summer sessions. Faculty reaction to the proposed changes was overwhelmingly negative with regard to the proposed salary cap, which would affect the salaries of a great many colleagues who normally teach in summer session. The SCFA board generally feels that reduction […]

* Alarming Changes to UC Regent’s Governance Structure

This issue was voted on by the Regents on July 20, 2016, and  passed unanimously.  We fear that this change will make it more difficult for us all to monitor policies that affect students, faculty, staff and the public. Regents Propose Centralization Without Real Justification, Tuesday, July 19, 2016, by Michael Meranze, Remaking the University Alarming Changes to UC Regent’s Governance Structure, July 19, 2016, Robert Meister as posted on the Council of U.C. Faculty Associations (CUCFA) website.

* UC task force considering pension cuts

If you are concerned about a further erosion of compensation at UC, the November 5, 2015 communication from CUCFA explains what you can do to make your views known. We urge you to follow the link for an explanation of the proposals made by the UC task force, appointed by President Napolitano. The task force has been charged with developing a new UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) Tier 2016 for faculty and other employees hired after June 30, 2016. We hope that you will join us by contacting  task force members and your Academic Senate officers and key committee representatives to make your views known about reductions in pension benefits. Individuals to contact are available here.

* Comments on Proposed Revised Presidential Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

October 26, 2015 Daniel Hare, Chair Academic Senate Dear Chair Hare: Enclosed is a letter signed by 33 UCSC faculty concerning the Proposed Revised Presidential Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment. We are taking the unusual step of submitting comments on a proposed policy directly to you as chair of the Academic Senate. We do not do so lightly. The specific implications of the designation of faculty as “responsible employees” were not immediately clear and because of the expedited review process we were not able to submit comments to our divisional Senate in time for their review. Because of the importance of the topic, we hope that you will share our attached comments with the Academic Council when you […]

* Petition to protect UC healthcare options

March 19, 2015 Dear UCSC Faculty member, As you are aware, recent changes in UC’s health care policies and benefits, and glitches in its contract with Blue Cross, have affected many of our faculty, instructors and staff.  SCFA has been paying close attention to this issue, and the Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) drafted a letter to President Napolitano, which you received yesterday, asking for clarification on proposed changes in the structure of and options for health care (these are described in the letter).  While we are not yet clear about how these would affect UCSC in particular, it does appear that the changes could further limit benefits and options available to UCSC employees. The SCFA board strongly supports […]