*SCFA Letter of Support for the PuertoRican Association of Faculty Professors (APPU)

The following letter was sent to the APPU (Puerto Rican Association of University Professors) in support of their campaign to become a faculty union recognized as a legitimate agent for collective bargaining at the University of Puerto Rico.  Our endorsement of their petition was sent to the President of the Board of Governors, Dr. Jorge Sánchez. ********************************* December 4, 2014 Dr. Jorge I. Sánchez Colón, President Board of Governors University of Puerto Rico San Juan, PR 00931-3400 Dear Dr. Sánchez: I write as Chair of the University of California Santa Cruz Faculty Association (SCFA) and representative of the association’s board to express our support for the efforts Puerto Rican Association of University Professors’ (APPU) to achieve collective bargaining rights for […]

* UC Faculty Call on UC Administration To Negotiate in Good Faith with Student-Worker TA Union

Dear Colleagues, For many of us, our teaching assistants are central to our pedagogy. They work the most closely with our students, and are most closely involved with our students’ individual progress. Our universities depend on them in many ways. As you all know, despite a series of system-wide labor actions and nearly a year of negotiating, our teaching assistants remain without a contract. The SCFA is sponsoring the following petition, to be delivered to President Napolitano, to demonstrate system-wide faculty support for a speedy resolution to teaching assistant contract negotiations. We believe that a strong showing by faculty system-wide can help make the case to the central administration that better working conditions for teaching assistants is not simply a […]

* The Degradation of Faculty Welfare and Compensation

We would like to bring to your attention an Op-Ed written by Colleen Lye and James Vernon, Co-Chairs of the Berkeley Faculty Association, on behalf of its Board. The article appeared in the Daily Cal on March 4, 2014, and details the systematic degradation of faculty pay and benefits. We are concerned about the fact that faculty not only pay more now for retirement and healthcare programs that offer less value, but also that the evolution of the benefit system has led to serious inequalities between faculty in how retirement, health and other benefits are administered. We encourage you to follow the link below to read the full article. http://www.dailycal.org/2014/03/04/paying-yet-getting-even-less/

* An Open Letter of to the Chancellor and EVC commending them for their part in settling the UAW grievances

The SCFA would like to congratulate you and Labor Relations for settling the grievances made by the Graduate Students’ Union, the UAW. We support fair contracts for all UC unions, because the academic mission of the university depends on all of our labor.

* UC Santa Cruz Budget Impact Survey

The Santa Cruz Faculty Association is sending out this Budget Cut Impact Survey to UCSC faculty so that we may assess the particular impacts of recent University of California budget cuts for faculty on our campus. The SCFA notes that since acute UC budget cuts began in Fall 2008, there has been no study of their impact on faculty, i.e. on our teaching, service, research, and morale. Nor have studies been done on how these impacts affect us similarly or differently across divisions, fields, and ranks. Our goal through the survey is to generate this data, and to use it to better represent faculty in our advocacy around the cuts. This project was sponsored by the Creative Responses to Crisis in Education: An SCFA Small Grants Program.