* BFA Launches Petition in Support of Graduate Students

The Berkeley Faculty Association has developed a petition that will be delivered to Peter Chester, Director, UCOP Labor Relations and Janet Napolitano, President, University of California. The petition states “Faculty support UAW contract negotiations with the University of California for better graduate student wages and conditions. Faculty only petition: please sign with campus affiliation.” Follow this link to sign the petition: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/uc-faculty-in-support Petition Background We, the undersigned faculty of the University of California, are writing to express our support for graduate student workers as represented by UAW 2865 in their current contract negotiations. We concur with the letters sent to you by 33 Department Chairs at Berkeley and 21 Chairs at San Diego (on 16 September and 3 October) that […]

UC’s Management Continues its Super-Sized Growth by Charles Schwartz, UC Berkeley It has been two years since my last presentation of data on the bloated growth of management at the University of California, covering the span 1991-2010. (See the post here in March 2011.) The following graph includes the newest official data: up to October 2012. This shows the continuing outsized growth of the management cadre (defined as the employees classified in Senior Management Group and Management & Senior Professionals): their numbers grew by 252% over the 21 year period while total employee numbers grew by a mere 51%. (The total number of employees shown in this graph is scaled down so that one can compare the relative growth, over […]

*Essay on responsibilities of tenure-track faculty to address adjunct issues

Submitted by Janet Casey on November 21, 2011 – 3:00am Virtually every professional organization committed to addressing the academy’s dependence on contingent academic labor presumes that tenure-line faculty must take an active role in this cause. As Steve Street wrote in 2008 in an essay on contingent faculty rights: “It’s you, the tenured and tenure track faculty, who can effect … change. Adjuncts need you to, just as you have needed and will continue to need us. We need not just your expressions of empathy but your help in bringing us in — your votes on budget issues that can get us equitable pay, benefits, and job security — because you … have the institutional power.” Unfortunately, most contingent faculty […]

Letter from the SCFA Board to Chancellor Blumenthal

The SCFA Board sent the following letter to Chancellor Blumenthal on November 20, 2011 as a reaction to the outrageous police action which has occurred on other UC campuses.  The SCFA is the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Council of UC Faculty Associations, which published (cucfa.org) the statement that we attached to our letter – and which is reproduced on this page below our letter.   Dear Chancellor Blumenthal Dear Provost EVC Galloway Dear Susan Gillman The Santa Cruz Faculty Association would like to bring to your attention the fact that the Council of University of California Faculty Associations, of which we are a member, is dismayed and alarmed at the police violence that has been used at several U.C. […]

* NSP: Eroding the Salary Scales, Undermining Faculty Governance

By Joe Kiskis A previous post here provided a brief description of the proposed APM 668 Negotiated Salary Program (NSP) and comments from Professor Stan Glantz on the detrimental consequences of the similar Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP), long used in the UC health system enterprises. In this post, I offer comments directly related to language of the proposed NSP policy for the general campuses. The merit and promotion academic personnel system at the University of California is a great asset of the institution. It is a well-documented and carefully followed system that closely associates rank, step, and salary with accomplishment in teaching, scholarship, and service as evaluated by faculty peers. For many years, UC salary scales have lagged those […]