Bob Meister on Fee Increases and Student Debt

  Bob Meister spoke about fee hikes and student debt at the annual meeting of the California AAUP on November 6, 2010 at UC Berkeley. You can view video of his talk by clicking    [here]

* UC Petition against exorbitant compensation demands by UC execs

Over 1200 staff and faculty at the University of California have signed a petition protesting a demand by top UC executives for higher compensation. To sign the petition, go here The petition reads: We, the undersigned faculty and staff of the University of California, urge you to resist the request by 36 top executives and deans to raise the pensions of those making over $245K. At a time when the UC pension system is endangered and the entire instructional and research enterprise of UC is imperiled we find it outrageous that these managers — whose very job it is to steward the system — would demand exorbitant pension compensation. They cannot have it both ways: private sector salary levels and […]

* UC faculty respond to exorbitant compensation demands by 36 UC execs

PRESS RELEASE, January 4, 2011 SAVE the University and the Berkeley Faculty Association UC FACULTY OUTRAGED BY “THE GILDED 36”, WORRIED ABOUT REPERCUSSIONS FOR UC Nearly 1000 UC faculty and staff have signed a petition to UC President Mark Yudof condemning the demands of the 36 UC executives threatening to sue UC over the pension cap on salaries above $245K. The number of signatories is remarkable given that the petition has been circulating for less than two days and campuses are only slowly reopening after winter break. Approximately 80% of the signatories are faculty. The petition,, reads in part: “At a time when the UC pension system is endangered and the entire instructional and research enterprise of UC is […]

* Video on Post-Employment Benefits Options

Expert Analysis of and Commentary on New Post Employment Benefits Options: URGENT UC employees’ Retirement Benefits will change significantly when the Regents decide among new retirement benefits options developed by the UC Post Employment Benefits Task Force. Each of these options significantly changes the system we currently have. The Regents will decide very soon; the time frame for employee comment is extremely short. This presentation, by UCSC Committee on Faculty Welfare chair Professor Suresh Lodha, is a quick-moving analysis of the options, beginning with big picture questions and moving into details before closing with the key question: will these changes solve the problem? See the videos in order, or

* SF Chron: UC Panel’s Plan to Raise Money Comes Under Fire

UC panel’s plan to raise money comes under fire Justin Berton, Chronicle Staff Writer Tuesday, December 7, 2010 The University of California should admit more out-of-state students and offer online classes and three-year degrees as a way to raise money, a UC commission said Monday. A report from the UC Commission on the Future said that if the university doesn’t take such measures, it could be faced with a $3 billion budget shortfall over the next decade. That in turn could force the university to continue raising tuition, cut enrollment, reduce financial aid and lay off staff, the panel said. The commission’s recommendations will go before the UC Board of Regents at its meeting next week in San Francisco, but […]