* Summer Session Salary Negotiations

In December 2016  the university proposed a cap on summer school salaries, and the SCFA began bargaining on the issue.  We first succeeded in getting the university to agree not to implement proposed changes in Summer 2017. Bargaining on the proposal continued, and concluded in August. We’re happy to report that the university has withdrawn its proposal for a summer salary cap.   One of the SCFA’s core positions is that faculty salary cuts should not be used to address real or perceived budget issues; this was and will remain at the core of our bargaining position.  The university also proposed a formula for pro-rating compensation for summer courses of fewer than five units.  Based on our evaluation of the […]

* Academic Analytics

UCSC entered into a contract with a company called Academic Analytics in 2013. Academic Analytics describes itself as a provider of “custom business intelligence data and solutions for research universities in the United States and the United Kingdom.” Their mission, in their words, is “to provide universities and university systems with objective data that administrators can use to support the strategic decision-making process as well as a method for benchmarking in comparison to other institutions.” Academic Analytics sells their data to universities as a tool to guide university leaders “in understanding strengths and weaknesses, establishing standards, allocating resources, and monitoring performance.” One of their data bases, “Faculty Counts,” provides “a numerical summary of productivity on a person-by-person basis….[with] a numeric […]

* CUCFA’s Statement of Principles for Choosing New University of California Chancellors

October 1, 2016 The Council of UC Faculty Associations has developed important criteria for Chancellor searches in light of the vacancies at the Davis and Berkeley campuses. ************************* A University of California Chancellor must be committed both to broad access to university education and to scholarly excellence, and have a proven record of support for the value of public education. A Chancellor must recognize that, despite increases in fundraising for specific projects, efforts at privatization have failed to sustain the University’s central mission of education, research, and service for the people of California. In addition to providing intellectual vision and integrity, the Chancellor should demonstrate accountability to the principles and the public mission of the university. To be forthright and […]

* Faculty Association Analysis of the UC Budget

The Council of University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA) has released the following statement to help inform faculty about the terms and consequences of the revised budget. The May Revise As the Legislature and Governor enter the end game for the 2015-2016 budget, here is a review of provisions related to UC in the Governor’s latest budget proposal—the May revise, which is now being considered by the Legislature. It appears likely that the final UC budget will have provisions that address access and affordability. What is missing are resources to ensure that the university can maintain quality. It is the hardest to quantify, the weakest politically, and is now the most seriously threatened. This budget is another demonstration of the […]

* Update on the UC Healthcare Options Discussion

This past February, the Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) became aware that the UC administration was considering plans to restructure the health benefits for all University of California employees. At a meeting of the UC Senate Faculty Welfare Committee, John Stobo, Vice President for UC Health, outlined a plan to push UC employees currently enrolled in HMO plans such as Health Net, and potentially eventually Kaiser, into a new UC Care HMO built around the UC Medical Centers, supplemented by contracting with a network of private medical providers where UC Medical Centers were not available. Alarmed by this proposal to eliminate competitive choice in healthcare plans — a proposal that could require employees to sever long established relationships with their doctors — CUCFA wrote a letter opposing the elimination of […]