* Professors, not UC, own their lectures (2000 legislation co-sponsored by CUCFA/CFA)

In 2000 CUCFA and the CFA (the labor union representing the CSU faculty) successfully co-sponsored legislation that specifies that individual professors, not UC, own their lectures, which is very important now as UC tries to move lectures to the web. (CHAPTER 6.5. UNAUTHORIZED RECORDING, DISSEMINATION,  AND PUBLICATION OF ACADEMIC PRESENTATIONS FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES see: http://www.ucdfa.org/NashIP.pdf)

* Concerns re: open access to publications policy

Chris M. Kelty Chair, University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communications January 10, 2013 Dear Professor Kelty, We write to you on behalf of the Berkeley Faculty Association to express our concern that the proposed policy to expand open access to research publications fails to address many of the issues faced by faculty whose articles, books, and other publications include embedded copyrighted material. This problem was originally brought to your attention in a September 2012 letter signed by Margaretta M. Lovell and a number of other professors. We agree with the concerns expressed in this letter and want to be sure that the problem is resolved in an appropriate way. Certainly the ability to opt out of the open access […]

* Brown and Yudof Bail on the Master Plan

By:  Bob Meister, President of CUCFA (Professor of Political and Social Thought, UCSC) On June 27, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed language inserted by both houses of the legislature that would have tied UC funding to admitting a minimum number of students (the same enrollment target as in previous budgets). His veto message says as follows: “Deletes provision 15 of item 6440-001-0001 from AB 1497, because the requirement contained in this provision that the University achieve an enrollment target of 209,977 resident full-time equivalent students creates unnecessary cost pressures on this item and is unnecessarily restrictive.” Is such language no longer necessary? In the Schwarzenegger years the state budget set an enrollment target for UC and required that funds be “reverted” […]

* What Governor Brown’s May Budget Proposal Means for UC

UC President Mark Yudof and Governor Jerry Brown are working out a deal behind closed doors that will loosen the most important ties between the university and the state. Although they will both praise the deal by saying that it “stabilizes” funding while granting greater “flexibility,” its essence is that each will let the other off the hook: UC will mute complaints that it does not get enough money from the state and the state will stop holding UC accountable for the money it still gets. The likely result is that UC will dump a larger number of eligible Californians onto the CSU and Community Colleges, which will in turn pass on their overflow to for-profit schools, where students take […]

* UC Faculty Letter to President Yudof opposing decision to hire Bratton

The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) sent the following letter to President Yudof in response to his decision to hire the Kroll Security Group, and its Chairman William Bratton, to conduct an investigation of police violence at UC Davis. November 27, 2011 President Mark G. Yudof University of California 1111 Franklin St., 12th Floor Oakland, CA 94607 Fax: (510) 987-9086 Dear President Yudof, The Council of University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA) protests your decision to hire the Kroll Security Group, and its Chairman William Bratton, to conduct what you call an independent investigation of police violence at UC Davis. We take no position here on Mr. Bratton’s personal qualifications; our objection is to the conflicts of interest of […]