Joining the Santa Cruz Faculty Association

Membership Categories Explained

Membership in the Santa Cruz Faculty Association is open to all senate faculty at UC Santa Cruz. Dues for Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors, as well as for Lecturers with Security of Employment, are based on rank and payable through payroll deduction.

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Dues will automatically be deducted from your paychecks.



$10.00/month for Assistant Professors

$23.50/month for Associate Professors

$30.00/month for Full Professors


Would you also like to join the American Association of University Professors – AAUP?
Our online form give you the option of also joining the AAUP at a reduced rate for Faculty Association members. For more information on membership in AAUP through the new partnership agreement with the Council of University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA) please visit our Join the SCFA-AAUP page.


Retired faculty: Please visit our emeritus membership page.




The Santa Cruz Faculty Association’s mission is to advocate for faculty. The SCFA is the only Faculty Association at the UC that also acts as a collective bargaining agent, giving it the power to negotiate with the UC Santa Cruz administration. As an affiliate of the Council of UC Faculty Associations, SCFA participates in lobbying at the state level to increase funding to the UC and to promote transparency within the UC budget. As a dues-paying organization, the SCFA has a budget to help with events and actions faculty advocacy requires. Increased membership in the SCFA will strengthen our influence and power at UC Santa Cruz.