Online Registration for the SCFA, with the option of joining the AAUP

Current UC Santa Cruz senate faculty can join the UCSC Faculty Association by filling out the form below. The option to join the American Association of University Professors is also available on this form.


Online Registration for the SCFA with the option of joining the AAUP
"Employee Identification Number" is a nine digit number that appears on the front of your id/library card.
(If you are currently a dues-paying SCFA member and only want to add AAUP membership, please select the "SCFA+AAUP" membership option. If you are currently paying SCFA fees, you will not be charged twice for them; only the AAUP membership fee will be a new deduction for you)
For the purpose of payroll deduction, this email must be a address.

By clicking the “Enroll” button and submitting this form, I declare myself a member of UCSC Faculty Association. I authorize the UC to deduct dues in a manner and amount consistent with the Faculty Association’s Constitution and By-laws. If I have added the option of joining the AAUP, I authorize UC to deduct dues at the AAUP rate each month for the amount indicated. I understand that the dues amount may change if authorized pursuant to the SCFA Constitution and By-laws or the AAUP’s constitution. If this happens, I authorize UC to adjust my payment when notified by the UCSC Faculty Association. I agree this authorization remains in effect until terminated in writing by me.